Zoom Park Asia: Jump with 2 feet off the ground

W here to bring your kids this weekend? If you are looking active and fun weekend, a trampoline park always promises fun and a good workout for the entire family. We visited Zoom Park Asia and if you have young children, here is why you should go!

Active Weekend for Kids: Zoom Park Asia, Trampoline ParkJump. Jump! Between 30-36 months, a child should be able to jump forward 2 feet, start with and land on both feet. But for some, the skill doesn’t come easy. Bouncing is an excellent way to get started as kids realise they can take the risk, make mistakes and can’t get hurt on a trampoline mat.

Zoom Park’s parents-accompanied Baby Bounce session are led with games and engaging storylines to get little tots moving in the trampoline environment. You will be surprised by your observations that the little ones do not immediately take to jumping. For few sessions, toddlers walk across trampolines panels, feeling the wobble beneath their feet but not ready to challenge it with a jump yet.

That will change. The 45-min weekly sessions will undoubtedly improve your child’s spatial awareness, coordination skill, and build confidence. Jumping ensues.

Hone this motor skill, and soon your little one will be able to keep up with Patty Shukla’s song “Jump!” to the beat. Fun fact: This tune has ‘Jump’ repeated 162 times. It is quite a workout. Listen to it here >


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Active Weekend for Kids: Zoom Park Asia, Trampoline Park

It was the perfect chance to introduce Zelia, who just turned 2, to a trampoline park. She has started to jump, but not starting off and landing with both feet yet. Since the fear of falling is eliminated on a trampoline mat, we are hoping that she gets the confidence to practice her jumps.

Zoom Park’s parents-accompanied Baby Bounce class is designed to help 2-4 years old improve their spatial awareness, body control, coordination as well as providing a low impact workout. The sessions are held in a reserved section. Little ones can safely jump, bounce and crawl around without getting too far.

For warm-ups, the Instructor set the little ones off on a rescue mission, to retrieve scattered cute animal plushies back to the centre of the court. It is fascinating to observe that some children padded the perimeter, avoiding the trampoline mats, which came as a surprise as I thought everyone is natural on a trampoline.Active Weekend for Kids: Zoom Park Asia, Trampoline Park

Thankfully, the session also addresses the child’s fear of the trampoline. The next segment had the parents and children gathered at the edge of the mats for activities that parents can use to help ease their kid into understanding the trampoline dynamics. We move on to the foam pit and then the inclined platform where kids learn how to slide off safely from the higher ground.

Trampolines are not just recreational fun, the child’s vestibular and proprioceptive sensory systems are being stimulated and it is an opportunity to be acquainted with their fundamental movement skills and to develop physical literacy crucial for their wellbeing.

With realistic expectations, Zelia hasn’t perfected her jump after just one session. The progress is made up of small little milestones, and surely after on-going sessions, she will be as sure-footed as you and me.

Zoom Park Asia Baby Bounce Class

Baby Bounce is available every Wednesday where a certain sections of the Trampoline Park is reserved just for the little ones. The court monitors will ensure that the children are having a safe time. The high-performance mats will be out of bounds for the young kids. During Zoom Kids, parents (or legal guardian) are allowed to join their child for free (only one parent per child is free) for an hour’s jump.

Zoom Kids(for kids below 5) is available every Tuesday, Thursday to Sunday.

– Grip socks will be required. Bring your own or purchase over the counter.
– Wear comfortable clothing and bring along water.
– You can also sign your waiver in advance https://lilypadpos2.com/zoomsg/onlinewaiver/waiver.php

Duration: 45h                 Age: 2 -4 years old


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