Young Nautilus: Your Marine-life Loving Giant

Your little one, she is a giant to the marine life living on the beach. Instead of being a terror, squish-squashing marine life under her chubby feet, why not join the Young Nautilus team for a learning journey and get to know the biodiversity that exists at the inter-tidal zones.

The nature walk began with a great sense of adventure. As we entered the zone, we got reminders from the guide to walk in a single file and not to stray, or you may accidentally hurt a marine life. The children walked purposefully, stopped and investigated the creatures introduced at each pit-stop. Frankly, I couldn’t catch up with the different names, but their young minds absorbed the information like a sea sponge. Soon they were shouting the names, and their excitement grew as they realised life forms are all around them. The 2 hours session wrapped up with each child getting a certificate for their participation.

After this, your child’s next visit to the beach, she will be flashing her peace sign at the hermit crab because she is a now a friendly giant, here to make friends.

Read on for our experience … 

The best outdoor activities for kids will including play and a learning experience. Young Nautilus programmes are led by educators equipped with degrees in Life Science and Marine Biology, aims to provide fun and engaging science learning journeys. They enrich what are taught in the MOE syllabus by providing inquiry-based learning journeys outside the classroom.

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We took Little Zelia for Young Nautilus’ Intertidal Nature Walk at Changi Beach. Before we started the tour, we were sceptical about what we can find on the usual Changi beach that we frequent. “All we see is sand, and if we are lucky, maybe we will find some nice seashells”, we thought. However, the Young Nautilus team wasted no time to amuse us with their discovery. Some of the creatures we saw are crabs (i.e. hermit crab, horseshoe crab and flower crab), sea cucumber, sea anemone and sand dollar.

We liked the fact that the children can get active outdoor while learning at the same time. The children were excited to see, touch and feel the wildlife that we found. We believe this experiential learning helps kids learn the fastest.

Throughout the tour, the Young Nautilus team threw us nuggets of questions that aroused our curiosity and set us thinking. Example, what is the difference between poisonous and venomous? Do you know that horseshoe crab is not a crab? They also explained how crabs mould from one shell to another as they grow.

Exploring and discovering these wildlife makes me wonder how many creatures have I accidentally stepped on in the past. It makes me more aware and conscious of nature around us. Going to the beach will never be the same again.


– Be prepared to get your feet soaked and dirty though as water level can go up to your ankle level, so wear the appropriate waterproof covered footwear. Bring spare shoes
– Suitable for two yrs old and above.
– Bring torchlight and magnifying glass to improve your child’s experience
– Stay until the end for a completion certificate

Duration: 2h            Age: 2.5 and above             

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