A2 Parkour: There is a right way to climb & fall

W atch your child’s eye lit up when they see what they get to do during class. Parkour classes are exciting for kids but parents, fear not, there is no bond-style leaps across skyscrapers.

This sport utilises various gymnastic manoeuvres to get through urban areas in the most efficient and quickest way. ‘Quickest’ may seem obvious and easy when it comes to conquering a simple waist height hurdle ahead. Little R’s first attempt was a 4-step move and some clumsy hip sliding to get across. After watching Coach Chi Ying’s demonstration, you’ll see why some appreciate parkour as an art form.

The takeaway: Mental focus and physical strength are required to get through the 2-hour session of drills and games. It is a solid workout for the mind and body, and at the end, the children go home delighted, exhausted and with some mad ninja skills.

The next time another parent screams “get down from there, it’s dangerous”, don’t let the panic set in, send the child to parkour classes so they can climb and fall … safely.

Read on … 

Parkour classes for kids are definitely not like what you see on TV and, under the guidance of a certified instructor, is worth a try for kids and adults alike.

At A2 Parkour, they seek in inculcate values through parkour. Discipline is imparted & tempered over the course of training. 

Here is our takeaway from our experience and why kids should parkour:

Build Resilience

There are 20+ basic vaults types, and these lay the base for other movements. The class started with repetitive vaults drills, and Coach Chiying will step in to make corrections if required.  Little R & E’s 1st move was the step vault. Easy as it seemed, it needed good hand-feet coordination, strength and a good boost of confidence to swing across. It will be slow to perfect, and the kids have to keep going or try again even when they fail initially. These are the moments when their resilience will be tested, not to give up. And also, when they finally overcome what seems to be impossible, their confidence/self-esteem in their abilities will grow.

Practice Risk-taking

We are easily over-protective of our kids. However, this parenting style prevents children from taking charge, making decisions and often results in a child fearful of risk. Parkour balances out this risk-averse personality by encouraging taking ‘good risk’.  (A good risk: is an action that, precipitated by careful thought, involves a “leap” toward the edge of safety and danger.) When children learn how to take thoughtful risks, they also learn how to think independently.

Firstly, Parkour is not about excessive risk-taking.

Secondly, attending a parkour class with certified instructors can be a safe environment to let children learn how to take good risks. You are allowed to fall, but you are taught to land safely. You will come to respect heights, distances and hard surfaces and learn not to attempt anything dangerous beyond your current abilities.

Taking a good risk is knowing you can succeed it eventually. And how you do it is by knowing your body capabilities and preserving in becoming stronger, faster, more creative, more adaptable, more courageous, and realising your full potential.

Refine Movement Skills 

Here is what Little R & E learnt at the end of their class – step vault, lazy vault, wall run, cat hang &muscle up. The movements taught were pretty safe.

Just like obstacle race that are popular these days,  e.g. Spartan Junior Race, Parkour will always be throwing curveballs at your body.

Standing by, watching the class, I realise there are movements that I never cared to explore. Parkour can be as unique as each person engaging with it – using your body’s momentum, strength and redistribution of weight to propel you up, over or forward. The method features obstacle-course-like actions that challenge you mentally and physically.

Is Parkour Safe? 

I can’t help but keep to a serious tone when writing on Parkour. There are some common misconceptions about it, but I can’t dismiss it casually because there is a real risk for an adult/child with the wrong attitude.

So is Parkour safe? In my opinion, Parkour classes by certified instructor, techniques are taught progressively with repetitive drills. At A2 Parkour, everyone was doing different types of vault jumps because Coach Chiying doesn’t get you to do something that you are not ready for.

If your child is already climbing furniture, jumping from high places, it may be a good idea to send him/her for Parkour class so they can be trained to land safely, judge heights and distances and understand his/her limits.


– Suitable for kids from 6+
– The child must be able to take instructors and not take this experience as an excuse to go wild with risky stunts

Promotion  :  2-for-1 Kids Training Parkour Trial Class (Usual. $50)

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