Infants & Toddlers Aquatics:
Lesson Plan for 2 – 3 years old (Skill-based)


So you have just learned about what babies learn in swimming classes? Let’s dive into details on what is expected from every step of the way in your babies’ swimming journey. 

The following is based on JUMP! Swim Schools’ syllabus. Jump! specialises in small groups swim classes for young children from 3 months old and lessons take place in a clean a private indoor facility with heated pool.

Swimming Lessons Plan for 2 – 3 years old:
Skill-based, without accompanying adult

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  • Between 2-3 years old
  • Have strong mobility and breath control skills from earlier stages
  • Relatively confident swimmer
  • Can swim without Parents in the pool*

What you’ll need

  • Swim Nappy under the swimsuit
  • Babywarma if in non-heated pool
  • Kickboards (either provided or Bring-your-own)


  • Acceptance of water and being comfortable with water on his face
  • Can blow bubbles
  • Able to hold breath for more than 5 seconds
  • Able to propel forward through water using arms and kick
  • Can jump and submerged independently *New skill
  • Able to float on back with little support *New skill

Here the focus is to meet and exceed the basic requirements in all aspects — conditioning, breath control, buoyancy and mobility, striving for unassisted swimming. This is required before advancing to starting on a proper swim technique (likely the breast-stroke style).

Kickboards will be used and child will be kicking and paddling with their eyes down.  The children can also be encouraged to switch between skills eg. swimming to the instructor, switch to a back oat and then swim back to the platform.

For beginners without accompanying parents, Jump! runs classes in a small group with max. 3 students to ensure as much focus on the child.

Get Started

The gradual introduction is essential to a child’s learning to swim journey. Starting at a young age below 2 years old cultivates the child’s confidence before they start to making strange, demanding and protesting. Picking the right instructor and school is critical to ensure that the child’s experience with water is positive.

Check in for a trial class with any swim school/ instructors and experience it for yourself.

We strongly recommend JUMP! Swim Schools (at Bukit Timah) as that is where our ambassador kid, Zelia has gone for her swim class. She used to scream when in water but JUMP! has converted her to water-loving just by her first class. You can read more about Zelia’s experiences here.

Register for a Trial Class ($34) with Jump! Swim School, Bukit Timah 

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