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Lesson Plan for 10 – 24 months old


So you have just learned about what babies learn in swimming classes? Let’s dive into details on what is expected from every step of the way in your babies’ swimming journey. 

The following is based on JUMP! Swim Schools’ syllabus. Jump! specialises in small groups swim classes for young children from 3 months old and lessons take place in a clean a private indoor facility with heated pool.

Swimming Lessons Plan for 10-24 months old Babies:
Kicking their legs on cue

Image credit: Jump! Swim School


  • Between 10-24 months, from full term birth date
  • Baby with small amount of water experience
  • Basic mobility skills
  • Parents-accompanied swimming session

What you’ll need:


  • Acceptance of water and being comfortable with water on his face
  • Confident with being submerged in water
  • Able to hold breath for more than 5 seconds
  • Able to kick leg on cue, and when submerged *New skill
  • Able to float on back with support

There is still focus on water familiarisation so if your child has little water experience there will be activities for confidence building. Once the children are more mobile, the focus will be shifted to working on their mobility and buoyancy skills through kicking, paddling and floating assisted by the parent.

Jump! makes their lesson fun to help children learn, through activities such as ‘dolphins’, ‘humpty dumpty’ and ‘jelly on the plate’

Check in for a trial class with any swim school/ instructors and experience it for yourself.

We strongly recommend JUMP! Swim Schools (at Bukit Timah) as that is where our ambassador kid, Zelia has gone for her swim class. She used to scream when in water but JUMP! has converted her to water-loving just by her first class. You can read more about Zelia’s experiences here.

Register for a Trial Class ($34) with Jump! Swim School, Bukit Timah 

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