Infants & Toddlers Aquatics:
Lesson Plan for 1 – 2 years old


So you have just learned about what babies learn in swimming classes? Let’s dive into details on what is expected from every step of the way in your babies’ swimming journey. 

The following is based on JUMP! Swim Schools’ syllabus. Jump! specialises in small groups swim classes for young children from 3 months old and lessons take place in a clean a private indoor facility with heated pool.

Swimming Lessons Plan for 1 – 2 years old:
Blowing bubbles, Paddling, and Propelling forward

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  • Between 1-2 years old
  • Strong mobility skills
  • Strong breath control skills
  • Comfortable with water on his face
  • Parents-accompanied swimming session

What you’ll need:


  • Acceptance of water and being comfortable with water on his face
  • Can blow bubbles *New skill  
  • Able to hold breath for more than 5 seconds
  • Confident with being submerged in water
  • Able to propel forward through water using arms *New skill
  • Able to execute strong accelerated kick on cue, and when submerged
  • Able to float on back with support

Conditioning the children to accept water is still a large part. Children are now encouraged to pour a larger volume of water, over their own faces. At this stage, children will be more independent and emphasis will be on reinforcing the kick and paddle skill, aiming to extend their ability with the introduction of the noodle and fun games.

At the end of the stage, you’ll have yourself a little swimmer who seeks little support from the adult.

Check in for a trial class with any swim school/ instructors and experience it for yourself.

We strongly recommend JUMP! Swim Schools (at Bukit Timah) as that is where our ambassador kid, Zelia has gone for her swim class. She used to scream when in water but JUMP! has converted her to water-loving just by her first class. You can read more about Zelia’s experiences here.

Register for a Trial Class ($34) with Jump! Swim School, Bukit Timah 

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