Baby Swimmers Make a Splash at JUMP! Swim School

JUMP! Swim Schools, an Australian-based multinational swim school, teaches babies to swim through a specialised, highly personalised program. And through their Australian partnerships with AUSTSWIM and Olympic swim coach Laurie Lawrence, JUMP! has the best-trained swim teachers available.

“You can expect your baby to be confident and happy submerging and holding their breath on command, with lots of songs, activities and games to make learn to swim fun for you and your child.”  – Managing Director and father of three, Ian Campbell

Your Choice Indoor Infant Swim School

Their programs are available for children as young as three months old, with >60% of students are aged less than 2 years old.

  • Heated Pool at 32°C to ensure comfort for all ages
  • Clean & private boutique facility with no more than 2 classes at a time.
  • Small classes from 3 – 6pax to ensure each child gets personal attention
  • Baby programmes are designed using the updated progressive techniques to enable movement and development growth for the child
  • Combined with JUMP! 3 pillared teaching philosophy – Prepare, Instruct, Praise

The Experience

JUMP! is a private facility made for Infant & Toddlers. The space is fitted with changing tables/ rooms, hot showers, baby bathtub and even a play area to keep your child occupied. Other than being a well-equipped indoor facility, it is also a safe learning environment for little ones. JUMP! teachers follow their core teaching philosophy – Prepare, Instruct, Praise. Your child will never be pressured to do something he/she is not ready for.

We had our ambassador kid – Zelia (2yo) go through a term of 12 lessons and we were pleasantly surprised at the speed of her progress. Before this, Zelia loved water but was resistant to anything new and vehemently against getting her head wet. Things quickly changed by her 1st lessons @ JUMP! with Coach Shirlyn.

By the end of her 1st lesson, she managed to self-initiated pouring water over her head. Here are my reasons why she was so receptive to learning, resulting in fast progress:

  • She was in a group setting with 4 other fellow toddlers = peer pressure to join in the activities
  • There were songs and props for every activity to keep her engaged
  • Teacher was quick to identify what Zelia was doing right and gave timely encouragement
  • A trusted adult (mommy) was in the water with her helped her feel assured and confident


Here is another review from Aarika Lee – mother of two and wife of international rapper The Lion City Boy, speaking highly of her children’s progress at the facility:

“My daughter Zola Mae and Ari Jon are loving their lessons at JUMP!. They’re more excited and comfortable about being in and around the water.

“ We used to take them swimming a lot but it was just to splash around. Now they feel more confident about jumping in. I also love that we get to spend family time learning together.”  – Aarika Lee

Get Started

Swimming lessons for Infant and toddlers help with cognitive, motor skills and social skills development. If you are looking to get your child started in swimming, join JUMP! for a trial and experience the quality facilities and teaching first-hand.

Get started with Trial at $34. Fill up the form below & JUMP! will be in touch!

Address: 100 Horsecity, Turf Club Road, Blk L Singapore 287992
Nearest MRT: DT7 Sixth Avenue, Downtown Line (400m walk)
Parking options available onsite

  • Term (12 lessons) : $408; $34 per session
  • One-time registration fees: $35
  • Welcome Pack includes $30 voucher redeemable for in-house merchandise
  • Replacement classes available for missed sessions
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