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How do you pick a good swimming instructor from all the options available catering to swimming lessons for kids? Selecting the right instructor is important as they are educators who will influence our children’s learning, self-esteems and attitudes. Our mission is to present only good instructors on our website so you are assured your child is in good hands during his or her swimming lessons.

The Range of Swimming Lessons We Offer in Singapore

  • Classes for InfantsToddlersKids & Special Needs

  • Free-to-use search portal. There are no fees involved

  • Identify suitable coach in 3-steps

  • See your options for your preferred time & location immediately

  • Public or private (eg. landed, condos, clubs) we have it covered

  • Get to know your choice instructor through their profile

  • Complimentary matching service if you can’t find a suitable class

The Swim Coaches We Feature …

… have to fulfil the below criteria to be on our website. While we can’t provide a guarantee, but we will work towards maintaining the quality by also listening to your feedback to curate a better feature list for all our users.

  • We interview & review instructors to find the best

  • Certified and dedicated to their students

  • Professional, accountable with high ethics

  • Have clear teaching syllabus

  • Patient & Understand varying needs of all students


Is Agileswim a swim school?2017-08-29T04:30:43+00:00

We are not a swim school, and featured swim coaches / swim schools are not affiliated to us.

We are an online search portal connecting parents to the best freelance coaches and swim schools we can find so you can quickly know your best options. We also include key information like class rates and schedule in an organized manner so you can make an informed decision effectively, in this otherwise disorganized marketplace on the internet.

How does it work? Do I have to pay for using the portal?2017-08-28T10:15:34+00:00

We are a free-to-use swim class search portal. Here is a quick overview of how it works …

Just 3 simple steps to find your ideal coach and class schedule :

  • Step 1: Pick a Location
  • Step 2: Review & Select a Coach
  • Step 3: Book a Class through the Contact Form

We will follow-up within 3 working days, with a confirmation that the class is available. You will be required to make a payment for the first 2 classes to secure your class space with the coach and to confirm your interest. Details will be included in the email.

Which category of swim classes does my child falls under?2017-08-31T02:08:02+00:00
6 – 12 Months old babies

Swimming lessons for babies are usually parents-accompanied group classes. Also being referred to as infant aquatics, swim lessons plans are largely focused on building water confidence,  and developing cognitive, motor and social skills. Read on the benefits and what do babies learn in swimming classes.

If you prefer a private facility with heated pool designed especially for babies and toddlers, To find an indoor swimming pools/ schools near you, you can refer to our Complete list of indoor heated pool in Singapore

1 – 3 Years old toddlers

Swimming lessons for Toddlers are also parents-accompanied group classes. If they are new to swimming, they will learn basic water confidence — this includes submerging underwater, holding his breath and floating on his back. Subsequently, he will learn to blow bubbles, paddle, and propel forward.

If your little one is starting to develop a growing fear for water, group swim classes are a good way to help them regain their confidence. I observed that in a group setting and with songs and toys, children engagement rate improve tremendously.

You can review the lesson plans for different age groups here.
Also if you prefer an indoor heated pool facility, do refer to our Complete list of indoor heated pool in Singapore. 

3 – 5 years old Preschoolers

There are a few options for 3-5 years old preschoolers

  • If your child is new to swimming …
    You can join a parent-accompanied group class, especially if your child has a water-phobia. Having a trusted adult, eg. his parent, with him can give him more confidence to learn something new. Group class setting encourages children to participate more too.
  • If your child is 3 years old < but already have strong mobility and breath control skills and relatively confident …
    You can have private swim lessons or join a small-size group swim class so that the coach can focus on the child, and customise the lesson plan. The focus is to meet and exceed the basic requirements in all aspects — conditioning, breath control, buoyancy, and mobility, striving for unassisted swimming. This is required before advancing to starting on a proper swim technique (likely the breast-stroke style).
  • If your child is 4<, new to swimming but able to understand instructions given directly by the swim coach …
    He/she can join the mainstream swim classes that are usually offered at public pools. These classes are a larger group of 8-10 students, they mostly follow the SwimSafer National Water Safety Programme. Although the syllabus is designed for children from age 5, some 4 years old are able to follow the pace of the syllabus well.
    You may start a trial and have the coach evaluate if your child is suitable to begin on the programme yet.
Beginner Kids

Beginner: For children from 5yo, either new to swimming or can’t swim breast stroke for at least 25 metres yet.  This is equivalent to SwimSafer: Stage 1 & Stage 2.

The SwimSafer programme is only offered by ActiveSG certified SwimSafer Instructors. The programme consists of 6 progressive stages, each consisting of about 12 hours of lessons. Survival and activity skills are taught in each stage of the programme, working progressively towards the next stage. At the end of each stage, each child will receive a stage completion certificate and a badge will be awarded upon the completion of each stage.

Not all licensed coaches are ActiveSG certified SwimSafer Instructors. Do check with your coach if you are interested to have your child certified.

Intermediate / Advance Level Kids

Intermediate: For children who can swim breast stroke for at least 25 metres or have a Stage 2 SwimSafer certification.

Advance: For children who can 100m in 4 different strokes or have a Bronze SwimSafer certification.

If your child is not a SwimSafer certificate holder, the coach might perform an evaluation on the child’s skill levels. Other areas of evaluation drawn from the Swimsafer syllabus includes safety, rescue and survival skills. This will help ensure that the students in the class are able to keep up with swim syllabus progression together.

Should I select Public Pool or Private Pools?2017-08-31T02:10:14+00:00
Public Pools 

are pools open to the general public, where anyone can enter to use the facilities for leisure or for lessons. Entrance fees may apply. You can refer to our list of neighbourhoods public swimming complexes here.

Group swimming classes for children are commonly available at all public swimming complexes. Private group swim lessons eg. for families, infants and toddlers are also available.

To find swimming lessons near you, start your search for a qualified coach with Agileswim and identify our recommended choice coaches at each location.

Private Pools

are pools that are restricted to members of the estate eg. landed homes, condos, and private clubs pools. If you are looking for swimming lessons at your condo or own private pool, select the ‘Private Pool’ option in Step 1: Select a Location of our swim class search portal.  Locations are grouped by the first 2-digits of your postal code. You can also refer to a detailed list here. 

How are payment for classes done?2017-08-28T09:33:37+00:00

Payment for first 2 classes is made online (via bank transfer, PayNow or Paypal) to Agileswim. This is to secure your class space with the coach and to confirm your interest.

Subsequent payments will always be made directly to your swim coach. It is necessary to note that this is a direct transaction with the swim coach and hence class schedule, class policy, and payment terms will be determined by the instructor.

What if I find my coach unsuitable after my first 2 lessons?2017-08-28T09:48:59+00:00

We believe that it takes at least 2 lessons to evaluate the suitability of the swim coach/ class environment for the child. If after the first 2 class, you still find it unsuitable, you can either:

  • Speak to the coach ASAP on the possible adjustment required to meet the needs of your child. He/she might be able to cater to your requirements if it is brought to his/her attention.
  • Inform your coach that you will like to discontinue class after the 2nd lesson.  * For students who are already onboard with the coach, you will need to observe the terms & conditions, termination policy set by the coach.

In the event, you find the coach unprofessional or unethical etc, please drop us an email at hello@agileswim.com with details so that we can investigate the matter. It is important for us to hear from you so that we can remove him from our site and offer parents only the best coaches.

I still can’t find a suitable swimming coach?2017-08-31T02:11:53+00:00

We try our best to add more quality coaches to our website. As the instructors go through a shortlisting process before they get featured on our website, this does take a longer time for us to add more instructors to our site.

Meantime, we provide our manual matching service. Fill up the form here and we will reach out to our network and get back with an instructor match within 5 working days.

I have a customised request. Can you help?2017-08-28T09:53:31+00:00

Yes, we provide a free Parents-Instructors Matching Service. You may have a customised request or your search requirements is not showing any results. If you still can’t find an ideal match, we can help.

Fill up the form and we will reach out to our network to find a best-fit swim coach for you or your child.

This is a complimentary service and we will revert within 5 days via email with a coach recommendation.