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Swim Class Search Portal, matching Parents of young children to swimming instructors by their preferred time & location, island-wide! 

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We have classes for Infants, Toddlers, Kids and Special Needs children available on our search portal:


Complimentary Swimming Lessons Matching Service

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Do I have to pay for the services?

  • We are a free-to-use swim class search portal. Find instructors quickly by your preferred time and location, and also get to know them through their profile before engaging them. We create this marketplace to put knowledge in the hands of students searching for instructors so you can know your options and key information quickly at a glance.
  • As we are new, we also offer free concierge matching (www.agileswim.com/findinstructors) to ensure anyone who uses our website can find a suitable instructor.
  • We will be most grateful if you can leave a review for your instructor on their profile so that future students will have more details to make an informed choice. This will help us to build a better swim class marketplace as well.

Should I select Public or Private Pool?

  • If you are looking for lessons at your condo or own private pool, select the ‘Private’ tab above the search engine. Location search will be filtered by the district you are in.What district am I in? 
  • Public pools are open to the general public, where anyone can enter for leisure or for lessons. Admission fee may apply.

I still can't find a suitable instructor through your portal.

  • We will try our best to get more quality instructors onboard. Meantime, we provide our manual matching service. Fill up the form here (www.agileswim.com/findinstructors) and we will get back with an instructor match within 5 working days.

Are all the swimming instructors certified?

  • All instructors are bind by the terms and conditions to provide up to date details on their certification. At Agileswim, we do an annual check with the respective authority on the validity of the individual instructor’s certification. It is highly recommeneded to request for their certificates as proof before commencement of your first class with them.

How are payment for the classes done?

  • Payment will always be made directly to the instructor. Once you have confirmed which instructor to go with, you will form a directly relationship with the instructor. Your class schedule, class policy and payment terms will be determined by the instructor.

Are there free swimming lesson trials?

  • Most trial lessons are paid but that gives you an opportunity to know the Instructor better. Sometimes an Instructors’ professionalism is best represented when he is in an actual class setting.

    And don’t be pressured to continue if you don’t find it to be the right fit.

What if I don't find the instructor suitable after my first class

  • Please provide feedback to your instructor or if necessary, inform your instructor that you will like to discontinue classes with them, in accordance to the termination policy by the instructor.
  • Subsequently, you can use the search portal to find another instructor or use our free concierge matching service. Fill up the form here (www.agileswim.com/findinstructors) and we will get back with an instructor match within 5 working days

Do you provide a Swimming Instructor Matching Service?

  • Yes, we provide a free Parents-Instructors Matching Service. You may have a customised request or your search requirements is not showing any results. If you still can’t find an ideal match, we can help.

    Fill up the form below and we will reach out to our network to find a best fit instructor for you or your child.

    This is a complimentary service and we will revert in 5 days via email with a instructor recommendation.